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Welcome to your all new RaceUwin Dashboard

We offer a variety of options for viewing Live Races on the RaceUwin website.

Here on the Player Dashboard, VIP Bronze Members are able to watch ONE race video, VIP Silver – TWO Races, Gold – THREE races, and Platinum – FOUR races.

Click on the white numbers 1-2-3-4 to choose how many races you would like to see on the screen simultaneously. Use the Drag Handle to pull out the “Todays Races” listing.

To choose a race, click on the red “watch” button beside your choice, and that race will show in the video viewer(s). Drag the View Screen Handle back to have a full view of the race.

Also watch races on the Betting application right where you place your wagers.

Click on the Gold “Bet Now” to make your Wager and watch that Race on the betting Screen or close out the Wagering Screen and watch the race form your Player Dashboard.

Enjoy your Race viewing options!




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