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Ever wanted to relive your favorite horse racing moments? We make it easy to watch your favorit horse races over and over again... plus, it's completely FREE.

At, we are attempting to showcase the reality of real live horse racing. The beauty of the sport keeps bringing people back, and just like replays of more famous sports like football or baseball, the horse racing world deserves replays as well. That's why we give our members the ability to watch their favorite races from anywhere in the world.

Watching races is as simple as signing up for a free membership, and then visiting your personalized dashboard, where you will be presented with links to thousands of races from all over the world at over 200 world class horse race tracks.

At, You watch Past Horse Races from the comfort of your own home…or anywhere that you have an internet connection!  

  • You can watch races held throughout the United States and Internationally.
  • You can watch your Favorite Races on Live Simulcast or watch Race Replays from Past Races.
  • It’s all here at  It’s FREE.  And we think it’s a LOT OF FUN!

That’s right... WATCHING LIVE OR PAST RACE VIDEO IS ABSOLUTELY FREE.  There are no hidden fees, no membership fees, and no requirements to wager on the race.

If you've placed a wager on a Race while at, you will see those races show up in the "My Active Races" section of your VIP Suite on the Player Dashboard.   What a great way to remember the races you’ve selected! You can watch these races as many times as you want, and it's all absolutely free! 

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