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There are two types of horse racing fans – one who loves to bet the horses, gambling to win money based on their betting wagers. The second type is the horse racing fan that is overwhelmed by the beauty and grace of these spectacular animals, by watching them perform and compete with all their heart to achieve victory.

At, we are attempting to showcase the reality of real live horse racing. We believe the horse racing videos on our site will not only excite true horse racing fans, whether they are the gambler or the one who just appreciates the beauty of the sport, but also motivate, at an emotional and competitive level, the beginner (or novice) horse racing fan who wants to learn more about real live horse racing so they can learn to make the most of their betting experience.

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  • You can watch races held throughout the United States and Internationally.
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That’s right... WATCHING LIVE OR PAST RACE VIDEO IS ABSOLUTELY FREE.  There are no hidden fees, no membership fees, and no requirements to wager on the race.

If you've placed a wager on a Race while at, you will see those races show up in the "My Active Races" section of your VIP Suite on the Player Dashboard.   What a great way to remember the races you’ve selected! You can watch live races from either your VIP Suite on the Player Dashboard or accessed throught the betting application! 

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