Today's Carryovers

Carryover Wager Type Track Date
$47,193 Pick 6 Del Mar Nov 28
$13,827 Hi 5 Del Mar Nov 28
$22,377 Pick 6 Aqueduct Nov 28
$1,818 Pick 9 Hawthorne Nov 28
$8,481 Pick 6 JP Hawthorne Nov 28
$7,272 Hi 5 JP Hawthorne Nov 28
$945 Pick 6 Parx Racing Nov 28
$28,190 Hi 5 JP Woodbine TB Nov 28
$991 Hi 5 Retama Park Nov 28
$30,300 Hi 5 JP Woodbine SB Nov 28
$19,419 Hi 5 JP Meadowlands SB Nov 28
$3,670 Pick 5 Yonkers Raceway Nov 28
$3,073 Pick 6 Batavia Downs Nov 28
$631 Pick 5 Batavia Downs Nov 28
$704 Pick 5 Northlands Park SB Nov 28
$142 Pick 4 Dayton Raceway Nov 28
$1,257 Pick 5 The Meadows Nov 28
$4,000 Pick 6 JP Churchill Downs Nov 28
$3,694 Hi 5 Churchill Downs Nov 28
$6,367 Pick 5 JP Fair Grounds Nov 28
$1,508 Pick 6 JP Golden Gate Fields Nov 28
$14,013 Pick 5 JP Laurel Park Nov 28
$1,431 Hi 5 Gulfstream Park West Nov 28
$225,498 Pick 6 JP Gulfstream Park West Nov 28
$848 Pick 5 Pompano Park Nov 29
$678 Hi 5 JP Pompano Park Nov 29
$10,630 Pick 6 JP Cal Expo Nov 29


Carryovers occur when a special betting pool such as a Pick 6 is not won on a particular day at a racetrack. The total amount wagered in that pool is carried over to the next race day…and to the next day if not won... and to the next if not won there. You get the idea! 

These pools can grow into very large payouts to a winner.  To win a Pick 6 wager, the Player must select the winner of six consecutive races that day at the same racetrack. Obviously, the odds of winning a Pick 6 are quite large, therefore, even a small wager can return an enormous payout if won. A similar concept is used by State and National Lotteries, where anyone can win with as little as a $1 lottery ticket. 

The magic of carryovers is twofold. First, money attracts money so players know there's a chance for a life-changing payout. Also, value-conscious players wait for carryovers because they recognize that they're getting a unique bonus: More money is being paid out that has been wagered that day, so instead of a takeout, there's an effective "put in" for those who stayed out of the previous days' pools.

For example, at Bay Meadows, it took four carryovers from Thursday through Sunday to hit the national radar. Betting increased from $11,106 on Thursday to $19,204 on Friday, $40,337 on Saturday, and $90,765 on Sunday to start the holiday with $91,989 in the purse. That attracted Monday pick-six bets totaling $298,878, nearly 30 times more than the Day 1 pool.

The mother of all carryovers was the three-day accumulation at Santa Anita. Betting spiraled from a no-carryover pool of $168,963 on Friday, to $589,083 on Saturday, and $1,532,684 Sunday. When that card ended without a winner, there was a $1.26 million carryover into Monday, which drew an additional $3,337,881 in bets.

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